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Home of FAAHKM, Divine Impact, an unnamed group that defeated Acererak, an unnamed group fighting against the Elemental Evil, and a new group currently unnamed in the land of giants.


D&D Westwood is a wiki dedicated to archiving the various player characters, locations, NPCs, and stories that have been told at Westwood.

Latest activity

OG: Despair, Labaj, Mike, Jim Darkmagic
4E: Gillian, Gojira, Keyleth (4e), Mogar, Rhogar
FAAHKKM: Akor Maerret, Aleer Nailo, Captain Salty Dog, Cyrus de Rolo III, Feng Shui, Fluffie, Hildr Dreng, Hircine, Ignis, Keyleth, Krillin, Mittens, Virona Thunderhammer
Divine Impact: Asro Shadowsong, Epaji,Shai Shadowsong, Unit-01
Chult: Enervas the Defiler, Eredin, Isaac Bloodrose, Jake Ochanter, Kaw, Mist in the Woods, Nath Idil'a, Nix-With-Long-Nails, Ohnyx Driekagxz, Polara, Ureal, Victory, Zdarr Darkk
Land of Giants: Bane, Crow Brightwood, Dianna, Ennui Diaold, Iris Sybella, Jeremy Johnson, Kevtyx Dyrmoo, Noble Greg, Phantasma Lunam, X Twenty-Seven, Ymriel
Princes of the Apocalypse: Cyrus Longstaff, Miles, Randall "Rango" Martin
Lost to the Ages: Andre O'Neil, Edwad, Halle Barry, Helsing (Lost), Jarl, Malros Taokry, One-Eyed Snake, Shai Shadowsong (Lost), Sparrowcaller, Tey, Vidaat Nailo

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