"Can I have a raise?" ― Feng Shui


Feng Shui is a human that resided in the city of Nohr before meeting joining FAAHKM. Although initially cold, he eventually became a valued member of FAAHKM during their travels


Feng stands at a height of 6'3" and weighs 210 pounds. He has a variety of scars around his body and his face is adorned by a light beard. After the incident with a green dragon, he lost his middle toe.


Initially cold and stern, Feng opens up to the party after their trek to the Underdark. His still remains serious most of the time but he usually cracks jokes in the middle of combat. His aggression is also a trait that comes out in battle, he makes great use of his Menacing Strike to frighten his opponents, one of them was even a Hydra.



Feng was born and grew up in the city of Nohr, his childhood was quiet. His father died when he left to pick up a package containing the powerful Flametongue titled "Rage". His only friend was a Half-Orc named Uredak.

Uredak was conscripted when a Drow raiding party made their way to the surface to attack the great city. When Feng was old enough, he took Rage and joined the army, serving under Uredak. Their first mission had them sealing a tunnel that the Drow took to the surface, while they were sealing it, a wave of Drow burst from it. They had strict orders not to disengage until their task had been completed, but Uredak ordered a retreat. Feng's stubbornness caused him to stay and his entire unit died saving him. Now, after being promoted for his "bravery" in battle, he disregards most of his higher up's commands to take a different approach.

During Game

Feng first appeared as the captain of the guard of Nohr. He was appointed as a bodyguard to the group FAAHKM after they saved the city from the Red Shadow Dragon. He was initially spiteful but after a excursion to defeat a hydra, he started opening up.

During their travels in the Underdark, he proved himself to be a valuable member to the team and was accepted as one of them after they defeated the Matron Mother of house Do’Urden.

Their escapades to the Feywild had the party helping the family of Aleer Nailo’s partner, Corrina. His involvement in this mainly consisted of taking damage and dishing even more out.

The dragon crisis of Nohr caused a great moral dilemma erupt from inside. During the attack, he was forced to retreat after being overwhelmed by the five chromatic dragons that destroyed Nohr. From there on out, he had a mission, a council member was involved in the destruction and he needed to avenge the city by executing him for treason.

After learning of the origins of the attack, a cult trying to revive Tiamat, the party coerced a shipwright into selling them a ship for cheap, and thus, the Escobar was born. The city of Waterdeep gave the party a series of tasks, on one of them, the party was tasked with assisting a tribe of elves with a dragon problem. When they discovered the source of this, a short battle broke out and the dragon and its rider were forced to retreat. A grappling hook that Cyrus de Rolo III created for him came in handy, it was attached to the dragon while it took flight, so Feng followed. This led to Feng climbing up the dragon’s back and punching the rider off with a mighty “Kachow”. The dragon dove down to catch the rider, and while it did that, Feng sliced its head off, causing the two of them to plunder down to the ground. Through a strange series of events, the dragon managed to fall on top of Feng, but he survived the ordeal, albeit with a shattered skeletal system.

Gilmore, an ally of the party, heard of this and rushed to help him, he fed Feng a strange potion that heavily damaged him, made his middle toe vanish, granted him poison resistance, caused his eyes to turn pale, and fully heal him.

The party’s adventure campaign against Tiamat also granted him the sword “Spook”, his most powerful weapon in his possession. Even with this in his arsenal, he chose to use his father’s sword, “Rage” when he encountered the traitor once more, with his trusty sword in hand, he slew the traitor and avenged the city.

After that, he went home with a set of Marvelous Pigments to rebuild Nohr, his current status is unknown.



Despite Feng’s hatred for Drow, while in the Underdark, the two slew many Drow together, forging a bond over the hatred of these elves and the destruction of a temple of Lloth using the body of the Matron mother to break windows.


As with most of the party members, Feng’s relationship with Aleer was rocky. Feng did respect his tactical mind though, it served them well in combat situations.

Captain Salty Dog

Initially disappointed by Captain’s lack of conviction for his oath, Captain’s highly destructive fighting style impresses Feng.

Cyrus de Rolo III

Although skeptical of Cyrus at first, after bonding over weapons training and the creation of the grappling hook, he was alright in Feng’s eyes.


The two of them didn’t interact much throughout their adventure in the Underdark, but Fluffie’s cheerful exterior and his oblivious nature was simultaneously endearing and infuriating.

Hildr Dreng

Hildr’s brutal nature would normally be appreciated by Feng, bu his evil nature caused many problems for the party, including the death and mutilation of a child hostage. Feng didn’t like him very much after that.


Like Captain, Hircine’s conviction to his cause was a bit weak, and this disappointed Feng greatly, the two did not interact much before Feng left, so he couldn’t form a proper opinion.


Although their alignments differ wildly, Feng appreciated Ignis’ brutality in battle and “get it done” attitude, the two even shared a bed and napped together at one point.


Initially unaware of Keyleth’s infatuation for him, he eventually saw it but did not reciprocate her love. Feng’s brutal nature came out during their travels and her kind heart lost her love for him when he slew several foes in terrible ways. He respects her for her conviction to her god and devotion to the clerical arts and recognizes her as an important party member.


The two only spoke once together, but Krillin’s gentle nature left a good impression on him.


Mittens’ lack of self control and highly evil nature angers Feng, the two don’t like each other very much.

Character Information


Feng's quest was to simply follow and look after the party as an order by Sovereign Urial. After the destruction of Nohr however, his quest was to hunt down and execute a council member for treason.

He succeeded on his mission and went back to the ruins of Nohr to rebuild.

Notable Kills

  • Hydra
  • Drider
  • White Dragon
  • Death Knight
  • Green Dragon
  • Green Dragon Rider
  • Blue Dragon
  • Blue Half-Dragon (Traitor)

Notable Items

Current Items

  • Flametongue (Rage)
  • Death Knight's Sword (Spook)
  • Poison Blade
  • Sunblade (Faith)
  • Dragonslayer
  • Belt of Fire Giant Strength
  • Boots of Springing and Striding
  • Cloak of Protection
  • Ring of Protection
  • Onesie of Protection
  • Potions of Unknown Effect
  • Tome of Clear Thought
  • Grappling Hook
  • Pepperbox
  • Ring of Featherfalling
  • Marvelous Pigments
  • Gilmore's Stone
  • Animated Shield

Former Items

  • Bag of Holding (Now belongs to Captain Salty Dog)
  • Belt of Hill Giant Strength (Exchanged to Gilmore for Fire Giant Strength)


Feng's abilities make him more versatile in combat and allow him to take a support role as well as a front line fighter role.

Race Features

As a human, Feng has no extraordinary traits gained through his race.

Other Features

  • Poison Resistance (Weird Potion)


  • Lucky
  • Great Weapon Master

Class Abilities

  • Fighting Style: Duelist
  • Second Wind
  • Action Surge
  • Indomitable (2 uses)
  • Battlemaster Maneuvers (d10): Commander's Strike, Distracting Strike, Evasive Footwork, Goading Attack, Menacing Attack, Precision Attack, Pushing Attack, Riposte, Tripping Attack

Notable Quotes

  • "Has it been a minute yet?"
  • "Does it count as a dragon?"
  • "Kachow!"
  • "It's treason then"


The name "Feng Shui" comes from the Chinese belief of Geomancy. The belief states that certain objects and their arrangements give off energies that cause good or bad luck. His belief in Tymora and the Lucky Feat are references to his origin name.

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