Phandalin is a small town located on the Sword Coast, it was the first location that the adventuring group FAAHKM helped on their adventures.

Location Description

The town of Phandalin has a population of less than 100. It's located South East of Neverwinter and North East of Waterdeep. It was plagued by a group of thugs called the "Redbrand Ruffians" before FAAHKM cleared them out.

Notable People

  • Toblen: Stonehill: Innkeeper of Stonehill Inn
  • Elmar Barthen: Owns the trading post, Barten's Provisions
  • Daran Edermath: Member of the Order of the Gauntlet
  • Linene Graywind: Runs a trading post
  • Halia Thornton: Member of the Zhentarim
  • Qelline Alderleaf: Helpful halfling farmer, owner of Alderleaf Farm
  • Sister Garaele: Elf cleric of Tymora and Harper agent
  • Harbin Wester: Former Townmaster of Phandalin
  • Sildar Hallwinter: Member of the Lords' Alliance

Notable Locations

  • Stonehill Inn: Owned by Toblen Stonehill, the Stonehill inn is located right in the center of town.
  • Barthen's Provisions:The largest trading post in Phandalin, owned by Elmar Barthen. He doesn't sell weapons or armour, but he sells a variety of adventuring gear.
  • Edarmath Orchard: An apple orchard owned by Order of the Gauntlet member, Daran Edermath.
  • Phandalin Miner's Exchange: A miner's outpost where miners have their minerals and ores weighed , measured, and payed out. Owned by Halia Thornton.
  • Alderleaf Farm: A small farm owned by Qelline Alderleaf, friend of Reidoth the Druid.
  • Shrine of Luck: A shrine to Tymora maintained by Sister Garaele, FAAHKM helped her retrieve a lost spellbook from the banshee Agatha. Krillin prayed to this shrine to ensure safe passage to the city of Nohr, it worked.
  • The Sleeping Giant: Owned by Delphine, it housed several Redbrand Ruffians before FAAHKM wiped them out.
  • Townmaster's Hall: Houses the Townmaster, a man whose name is unknown to the party. He replaced the former Townmaster, Harbin Webster after he was hanged in the center of town by an unknown assassin.
  • Tressendar Manor: It was once the hideout for the Redbrand Ruffians, but once FAAHKM cleared them out, it became their first headquarters before leaving for Nohr. The basement area is where the infamous "Arm Incident" occurred among many other mishaps.


After defeating the enemies in Cragmaw Cave, the party that would become FAAHKM, they made their way into the small town. The party quickly encountered the Redbrands after checking out the Sleeping Giant and being attacked by them. The innkeeper Delphine told them that they made their home at Tressendar Manor on the hill just outside of town, the party swiftly made their way there.

After arriving, they went down into the cellar area and discovered a secret door that led further into the basement area. Behind the door was a crevasse and a bridge with a Nothic guarding it. The party made quick work of it and climbed to the bottom of the chasm to find some treasure. There, they found a fresh orc arm, preserved by powerful magic, Krillin ate it and gained the Destructo Disc.

The later on in the dungeon, the party found a goblin named Droop, who helped the party for a bit, then retreated to an unknown location after helping. The party also found a group of prisoners, a boy, a girl, and their mother. The party freed these prisoners and hired them as maids and a butler.

Iarno Albrek, an evil wizard made his home here, but the party made a fool of him, finishing him in a single round. Krillin claimed his Glass staff, a staff of defense.

The big boss of the Redbrands was defeated by Akor DeVir after she disguised herself as a Redbrand and swiftly killed his partners and pinned him to a table with her dagger, knocking him out. When he awoke, he was met by a pile of dead bodies, his friends. He wasn't fazed by this, so they just killed him and left.

The party reported their success to the Townmaster, and he rewarded the party by giving them ownership of the Mansion. Akor didn't like the guy, so her and Mittens broke into his home in the night and beat him unconscious, then lynched him in the middle of town.

The story of Phandalin ends here, the rest of the party's exploits happen in the surrounding areas before they left for Nohr.

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